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Permissible Uses of Copyrighted Material

We love serving, equipping and encouraging the local church and other organizations, and are happy to share content freely as long as you agree to the following guidelines:

  • The content must be attributed to Grace Bible Church on the same page it appears. When applicable, we ask that credit is given to the original writer as well. For example, an article republished in another church’s newsletter or on another church’s website should include the phrase “article courtesy of Grace Bible Church,” “copyright © 2017 Grace Bible Church,” or “by Keith Waggoner, Grace Bible Church”
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Prohibited Uses of Copyrighted Material
  • The copy may not be altered in any way without written approval from Grace Bible Church. Articles and devotionals should appear in their entirety and respect the original context for publication. For example, even if an article is posted in its entirety, it would not be acceptable to post a serious article on a satirical website, i.e. The Onion.
  • Grace Bible Church articles, devotionals and studies cannot be sold or reproduced for monetary gain.
  • We reserve the right to deny permission and to request to have content removed if the publisher does not abide by the guidelines above.
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