Here's Where I Am Now
This is an exciting series where 6 pastors of Grace share their heart and where God is leading them and what He is teaching them!

07/23/2017 • Pastor Brian
We all have a wall we need to get over. A situation that seems to be too big for us to handle. God wants to work in us and through us to break down the barriers in our life and give us freedom!
07/30/2017 • Pastor Matt
Pastor Matt shares his story and how God brought him to where he is today.
08/06/2017 • Pastor Josh
Pastor Josh breaks down how we biblically deal with tiredness in our life.
08/13/2017 • Pastor Von
Pastor Von, Grace Kidz Pastor, shares the journey he has been on since loosing his father and how God is faithful to pull us out of depression.
08/20/2017 • Pastor Jason
God is a big God and He cares about the big events in your life. In fact He is bigger than any problem that you might be facing right now. Pastor Jason covers how God provides in our life in ways we may not even see.
08/27/2017 • Pastor Keith
Pastor Keith breaks down John 15 and what it means to bear Real Fruit in our Christian walk.