He's Gotta Plan

01/07/2018 • Pastor Keith
Pastor Keith breaks down the two Will's of God and disproves some of the myths we have fallen into about discerning God's Will.
01/14/2018 • Pastor Keith
Pastor Keith breaks down how God, as our shepherd, leads and guides us to what He has for us.
01/21/2018 • Pastor Keith
How do I make a godly personal choice in a gray area? Let's rephrase the question: How do I make a right choice? "THE right choice" implies that there is one and only one choice God wants you to make and if you miss it, well, you're in trouble.How do I make "A right choice" implies that God is allowing me to choose between two or more good options.Just because the Bible does't clearly spell out some decisions doesn't mean God hasn't given us guidelines for making personal choices. A biblical approach to wise decision-making in matters of personal choice will involve certain steps.
01/28/2018 • Pastor Keith
Pastor Keith gives us the three checks to decerning God's Will.