No Ordinary Family
We break down marriage and parenting in this series and find that there is "No Ordinary Family".

09/03/2017 • Pastor Keith
Expectations can either make or break a relationship. There are legit, big expectations that people have in a relationship. We’ve been set up for failure by popular media. There’s this myth that we’re going to find just the right person: our personalities jive, they’re great in bed, and they fulfill us completely. It’s about BECOMING the right person. It’s about walking in love. It’s about setting your hopes and dreams for your relationship on Jesus Christ. This doesn’t mean that you’re some fake spiritual person all the time, continually quoting Bible verses to each other, but it does mean that God has a blueprint, God has a plan, God has expectations. And, if you learn to follow them and I learn to follow them and we do it together in a marriage, God says that He has a great plan for your marriage.
09/10/2017 • Pastor Keith
Pastor Keith continues the "No Ordinary Family" series looking at the roles and expectations God has designed husbands and wives.
09/17/2017 • Pastor Keith
For those of you trapped and embittered by hostility in your marriage, I want to propose that there is hope. The hope is grounded in a very, VERY, significant word: reconciliation.
09/24/2017 • Tim Keep
Tim Keep,Director of Bible Methodist Missions, teaches on being willing to stand in the gap for someone to bring them to salvation.
10/01/2017 • Pastor Keith
Pastor Keith wraps up the "No Ordinary Family" series dealing with surrender.