The Revelation
It all comes down to this.

10/08/2017 • Pastor Keith
Pastor Keith begins a series on Revelation, taking a look at how it revolves around Jesus Christ as the star and the setting for His return.
10/15/2017 • Pastor Keith
Over the next two weeks, we’re going to be looking at two very relevant chapters in Revelation. The reason they are so relevant is because Christ is speaking very pointedly and directly to churches with which we might identify. Several of the churches were enjoying some impressive levels of success. But, Jesus cuts through all of the standards we normally associate with success and clearly contrasts them with His call for the Church.
10/22/2017 • Pastor Keith
Pastor Keith continues last week's topic, looking over the new testament churches and how they apply to us today.
10/29/2017 • Pastor Keith
11/12/2017 • Pastor Keith
No one will escape meeting Jesus Christ. We can either meet Him as Savior, Lord, and Friend, or we can meet Him as Judge. We can meet him with overflowing joy and inexpressible gratitude, or we can meet Him in terror, dread, and regret. It truly is the most awesome choice we could ever make.
11/19/2017 • Pastor Keith