A series for those waiting on an answer...

06/04/2017 • Pastor Brian
Have any of you ever worried or been anxious about something? Pastor Brian gives us three responses we should have to anxiety...
06/11/2017 • Pastor Keith
Let's talk about doubts. I'm not one of those pastors who get stressed out by those who are going through a faith crisis, struggling to trust God. Unless your faith has ever been put to the test how do you know whether or not you actually have faith? This will usually happen in a waiting period. During that waiting period, most of us will wrestle with these three questions: Is God real? If so, does God care? If so, why is God silent? Today, I'm not even going to try to fully answer those three questions. We don't have the time. But, I want to start the conversation.
06/18/2017 • Pastor Keith
06/25/2017 • Pastor Keith
Choosing joy means that I am making a conscious decision to trust God based on His character and His promises instead of believing my fears. WHAT AM I TO DO WHILE WAITING ON GOD?