As Christ followers we need to aggressively live in love and humbly stand for the truth. It's possible for us to be right and wrong in how we express it and defend it. But, it's also possible for us to have experienced salvation and not know how to explain what anchors our faith. If I want to torpedo Christianity, I'm going to start with the Bible. If it's not true, then nothing we cling to is worthy of our faith.
Pastor Keith breaks down John 15 and what it means to bear Real Fruit in our Christian walk.
As Christians, we stop short with affirmation and comfort. Instead of allowing immature Christians to grow, we baby them and unintentionally stunt their growth. We accommodate behavior and sins that are actually harmful to them. Many times this happens because we think it’s unloving or judgmental for a Christian to either clarify boundaries or appropriately discipline. We have somehow bought into the lie that dealing with sin should be confined to something that happens between the individual and God. We don’t have a proper understanding of healthy boundaries and healthy discipline. So, let’s define them...
I think most Christians understand what we need to do to be more more like Christ every day. The problem is, we don't naturally desire to do those things. So how do we change our desires? How do we change our appetite?
Over the next several weeks we're going to be taking a journey through 1 Corinthians and hitting some topics that are keeping you and I from growing up. If you're not a Christian, relax. I'm going to be talking to Christians. You are finally going to have a chance to say Amen! But, I want you to tune in because hopefully you will see a standard for Christian maturity unveiled, one that is inspiring, something to which you might want to aspire.
Today, we’re kicking off a series through one of my favorite letters in the Bible. 1 John was written to Christians who were confused about what it meant to be a Christian. It’s often been assumed that John was writing this letter to directly combat a first-century distortion of Christianity called Gnosticim. Though I can’t fully explain this belief system in 2 minutes, they took a dualistic approach to life. Everything on the world is evil, but there is a spirit world in which everything is good. So, our body is always going to be evil, because it’s natural. Our only hope for deliverance from this oppressive was through knowledge.
We all have different personal preferences: Some of you love that the Patriots won the Super Bowl. Those of you, Christians, hate it. Some of you don't care. Some of you like steak. Some of you prefer salad. Some of you like chick flicks. Some of you prefer action movies. We're different. How many would say that you're a morning person? How many would love to shoot that person that raised their hand? We have different personalities, preferences, needs. And, probably, the next step we need to take is varied. Today, I want to start at the beginning. You see, while there are any number of next steps to which God may be calling you, the first two steps are always the same.
What is the hope of our nation? Will it be our new president? Will it be a Supreme Court justice who will legislate morality? Could it be the re-institution of prayer in schools? More protests and boycotts? A new conservative media voice? None of these will bring hope to our nation. If you have placed your hope in any of these, your hope is misplaced. Our hope is in God. But, our hope is in a God who uses His people to advance His purposes. You want to see the source of hope for our nation? Look in the mirror.
Praying Christians are hungry to learn how to connect with God in a way that takes them beyond the typical grocery-list approach. Daniel Henderson breaks down the profound difference between seeking God's hand (what he does for people) and seeking God's face (who he really is).
Somehow, we have the impression that we can forget the past, especially our painful past. We misinterpret Philippians 3:13 where Paul says "Forgetting what lies behind me and striving forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus" and think this means we just need to forget the past and become some super-Christian who is only concerned with what lies ahead. First of all, that's not a proper understanding of the verse. Paul has just listed all of the reasons he could be confident in the flesh, but is pointing out that this doesn't mean anything in comparison to what God has for us in Christ Jesus. Honestly, we will never be able to forget the past, but thanks to God we can get past the past. Those vivid mental snapshots from long ago may never be erased from your memory bank, but they don't have to label you.
Police murder two black men. Black man murders 5 police officers. Hillary Clinton innocent of any wrongdoing. The headlines today, and even the oh-so-normal acts such as abortion that don't deserve a headline anymore, depict a nation in turmoil. Many individuals in the Church have placed their rights as citizens above their responsibilities as Christians. Today, Pastor Keith shares an admonition and reminder to the Church and to the individuals who make it up that we have one hope: Jesus Christ.
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