1 Hour North of Boise on Hwy 55
55 Smiths Ferry Drive, Cascade, Idaho 83611

Dates & Times

Christmas Trees & Sleigh Rides• November 24th [Black Friday]
• Every Saturday between Nov 24 - Dec 23

• 10AM - 4PM


Would you believe it if we told you all of this was FREE!?

Well, it's not, so you now know for sure that your intuition is in tune (that was free). The purpose, first and foremost, for this event is to allow families the opportunity to get out of the house and do something fun during winter! Much of what we are offering we do provide for free. However, there are a few things that cost us money. We have provided a recommended amount to the right. If you can not afford an activity or tree, come anyway! We have scholarships available so everyone can play!

Cut* Your Own Tree $40
Hot Drinks Free
Santa's Workshop Free
Sleigh Ride Free
Scenery Free

*Trees are precut trees staked to the ground below the level of the snow. You are cutting them! However, they are not trees growing out of the ground.

Cut Your Own Tree

Everybody loves the idea of going into the woods as a family and finding the perfect Christmas tree! But, once you add that crazy map with all the areas you can't cut in, a few hungry, cold, tired,  kids, and the fact that every year you pick the spot where apparently trees are only allowed to have 8 branches each, it can quickly become overwhelming and a little less fun.

We wanted to provide an opportunity for families to hike or take a sleigh-ride into a forest to cut down a tree. Obviously, planting an ACTUAL forest isn't as easy as it sounds. So, we decided to create a forest out of pre-cut Douglas Firs! All of the Douglas firs are between 6 and 7 feet.

  1. We place wood stakes deep enough into the ground to hold the tree up and attach the tree to them, one on each side of the tree. We have a bunch of these trees, so you have a 'forest' to walk through.
  2. You take a hike with the family from our parking lot (approximately 300 yards away) to the "forest". Or, if you want, catch a ride on the free sleigh ride over to the forest.
  3. You find the perfect tree and cut it down, right through the wooden stakes and all! Or, if you need help, we can help you get your tree out.
  4. Get a picture with your tree and we'll put it on our Social Media page for you to share with all your friends to vote on. We have prizes for the most-liked tree.
  5. Spend the remainder of your time hanging around a bonfire, drinking hot chocolate, cider, or coffee, have a snowball fight in our snowball arena, or skating on the outdoor ice rink. All in the mountains of your Idaho.
  6. When you are ready to go, remember to pay for your tree! They are $40. 



The Sleigh Ride

Ride1 the sleigh2 to the forest3 to cut4 down a tree5. Or, if you just want to go for a ride, that's an option as well. While we don't have reindeer, we do have a John Deere to make the experience complete! Ride as many times as you'd like! The cold mountain air is good for you.
1. Actually, just sitting on a bale of hay.     2. Really just a trailer.     3. Actually a bunch of placed trees.
4. Actually, re-cutting is a better term.     5. Okay, it IS a tree.

Bonfire & Hot Drinks

How about a big fire pit to warm up around? We'll also be selling cups of hot chocolate, hot cider and coffee.

Coming Soon: Snowball Arena

We've built up walls of snow across an open field for you to duck, weave, and stealthily move through into enemy territory in this epic snowball fighting arena. Feel free to improve the course as you play! A waiver to play is required.

Coming Soon: Ice Rink

An outdoor ice rink is a must have for an outdoor adventure in Idaho's snowy mountains. We spray layers and layers of water to make a smooth ice rink for you to play on! Ice skate rentals are available. A waiver to play is required.