Men's Adventures Family Off-roading

All Campus

Join us for a scenic three hour drive up to two fire lookouts, Scott Mountain and Deadwood, in Garden Valley Saturday, 9/17.

This run is for the whole family and is 2WD friendly. However, some sections are steep, but worth it. We'll meet at the Avimor gas station at 10:00 am. Bring swimming suits and gear as if we have time and everyone is up for it, we will also stop at some hot springs on the way back as we'll go through Idaho City. Also, pack a lunch, bring water, your cameras, and a radio/walkie-talkie if you have one, and enjoy the day off-roading and exploring the lookout stations. Contact Richard Mather at 208-230-3776 for questions.

An annual participation agreement form must be filled out for each person attending a Men's Adventures event. This can be done at