Women's Adventures Hot Springs Resort

All Campus

Join us as we relax and enjoy some pampering and mineral rich hot springs at The Springs Resort in Idaho City.

This hot springs resort offers a two and half hour soak in a state-of-the-art geothermal pool and hot tubs fed by a natural hot spring and are temperature controlled to ensure an amazing experience no matter the time of year. This resort also offers a steam room and pool side café. It's a scenic 45 minute drive up to the historic mining town of Idaho City and nestled into the rustic setting of majestic mountains. Capacity is limited so it never gets crowded and everyone is always able to relax and soak in comfort. After our soak, we'll explore this beautiful historic town and enjoy dinner at Trudy's Kitchen, a local hotspot diner known for their homemade food, fresh baked bread and world famous huckleberry cheesecake. Contact Jennifer Mather at 208-230-3296 for questions.