Time to get in the game. 

You were saved, not to be a trophy in a glass case, but to get in the game. It’s time to get some grass stains on the jersey. Here is how you can get in the game at Grace.

Serving at Grace

We believe saved people serve people. Make a difference with your time by volunteering in a role that fits your God-given gifts, interests, and talents. To discover ministry opportunities available or to join our volunteer Dream Team, click the button below and make a difference.

Join a group

At Grace, we’re trying to make it easier for you to find people who share your interests. We know that when you get together with people and have fun, eat, pray, and study the Word, you’ll begin to grow into a strong community that serves and grows together. What if you are one step away from saying, “These are my people”?


Serving our community, connecting people on a daily basis, developing resources for ministry, reaching the world though missionaries and Grace Missions: all of this is made possible by your generosity.