Parking will likely be the biggest challenge on the day of the eclipse. As a community, we have decided to open up reservations for the available parking in the area. The land in and around Smith's Ferry is private property. It is highly advised you purchase parking in advance so you have a plan before the big weekend!

You may not camp overnight in a parking spot. If you need a place to stay overnight, please see our camping page.

Upon completion of pre-registration, you will receive an email with your parking pass and a map of the area. The information you provide will be used to pre-register you for parking and to keep you updated with information regarding the solar eclipse as it approaches.
Other things to know
  • Parking spaces are 9' x 17'
  • Parking may be purchased for one day
  • Camping in a parking spot is not allowed
  • Come in as early as you'd like on Aug 21st if you have your permit
  • Quiet times are from 11 PM - 7 AM
  • Refunds on parking are available until July 21st.
Reserve Parking in Large Field

Sorry, pre-registered parking has sold out!

All private parking available east of the Payette River has been sold out.

There will be several other lots with first-come first-served parking available on the day of the eclipse in Smith's Ferry, but none are across the bridge.
Looking forward to spending the weekend in the mountains of Idaho before the solar eclipse? There are several great camping opportunities in the area:

Cougar Mountain Lodge
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Wellington Snow Park
First come, first served
County owned - dry camping
Large Open Field
Large open lot next to the Grace Chapel's outhouses, activites and vendors
Furthest away from the highway congestion and noise
There are two camping space sizes: "Camper" : 15' x 35' & "RV" : 20' x 53'
Will have large crowds due to capacity (800)
There is no sewer or electric available
You may put whatever vehicles/tents/telescopes you'd like within your space

Lodge & Field Info:
  • The camping permit is valid for Fri, Sat, Sun, and Mon night
  • Dry: Any RVs must be self contained. Water, electric, sewer unavailable.
  • Please arrive at a reasonable time if possible
  • Quiet times are from 11 PM - 7 AM
  • Refunds on camping are available until July 21st.
Reserve Camping Space
Pre-registration for camping has closed.

The large field is sold out.

For lodge spaces, please contact Patrick at 208-599-3675 for information and reservations.

Cougar Mountain Lodge
As the only business in Smith's Ferry, we are excited to host such an amazing event! We plan to have extra ice, drinks, and food on hand for the influx of guests to our area.

We are also offering several different camping and lodging options. Please click one of the buttons below for more details on river-front camping or lodge rooms available for this event!

Premium RV Spaces $300
Riverfront RV Space
53' x 20'
Furthest from highway
Book Premium RV Space
Premium Tent Spaces $250
Riverfront Tent Space
Tucked into the trees
Furthest from highway
Book Premium Tent Space
General RV Spaces $200
Space in open field
53' x 20'
Book General RV Space
General Tent Spaces $200
Space in open field
Parking for 1 car
Book General Tent Space
Lodge Rooms Still Available!
Book Lodge Room on AirBnB
We are excited to offer a number of vendors for this event. Because Smith's Ferry is a rural mountain community, Cougar Mountain Lodge is the closest place to provide food and drinks.

To help offset the need for food, drinks, and other items you may need, we are pleased to offer the list of vendors below which we will update weekly as the Solar Eclipse approaches:
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All Food Apparel Crafts Other
  • Amy's Whole Food Creations food
  • GoodBs food
  • Kona Ice Treasure Valley food
  • Seven Devils Delights food
Vendor Application
Looking to be a vendor for the Solar Eclipse? Smith's Ferry is one of the handful of communities in the United States in line with the center of the eclipse! Please complete the application below if you are interested and we will let you know if you have been approved. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Aug 18th - Aug 21st
Smiths Ferry Residents Free
Food Truck Free
General Booth $50 (Flat Fee | Includes 1 Parking Spot)
I agree to the Terms and Conditions for this event.
Volunteers Needed
As a small mountain community, this event will max out every resource in the area and has the potential to leave our community in shambles. The organization effort to prevent such a result requires "all hands on deck." We are also inviting anyone who will be in the area who'd like to help out, to join forces with us in making sure this event is a success for everyone involved.

There are plenty of areas to help!
  • Event Planning
  • Parking / Camping Check-in
  • Security
  • Information Booth
  • Setup & Tear-down
  • Camp Hosts
  • Trash Clean-Up
  • Vendor Coordination

If you'd like to help, please complete the following form to let us know!
Volunteer Sign-Up Form
Thank you for your interest in volunteering! Please complete the form below and we will get back with you on how we can get you plugged in!
Activity List
Friday, August 18th
9:00 PM Movie night at Grace Chapel
Saturday, August 19th
9:00 PM Movie night at Grace Chapel
Sunday, August 20th
11:00 AM Outdoor Church Service
1 PM - 4PM Solar Star Party
8:00 PM Solar Eclipse Information
Monday, August 21st
10:11 AM Start of Partial Eclipse
11:26:36 AM Start of Total Eclipse
11:27:41 AM Maximum Eclipse
11:28:47 AM End of Total Eclipse
12:50 PM End of Partial Eclipse
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We are working as quickly as we can to compile information regarding the Solar Eclipse in the Smith's Ferry area. If you'd like e-mail updates, please complete the form below to receive an email as we gather more information about the solar eclipse weekend!
Fire Restrictions
The mountains of Idaho are filled with beautiful green trees and underbrush which is home to thousands of big game animals, birds, predators, and an entire ecosystem! We'd love to keep it that way.

In August, the timber and grasses are normally dry which result in fire restrictions. We believe based on this and the number of people in the area that Fire Restrictions will likely be in place to prevent fires.

If you are planning on fire or charcoal to cook or stay warm, please make alternative plans. We do plan to have food vendors in the area.

When driving, do not pull off of prepared road or parking areas. The grass will be very dry and you may spark a fire!
Other things to know
  • Outhouses will be provided
  • Please respect private property
  • Please park in designated areas only
  • Parking on the road will get you towed!
  • Pay attention to "local traffic only" signs
  • "Leave no Trace" (use provided trash areas if available)
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About Us
Grace Chapel is the non-denominational community church in Smiths Ferry. Our goal is to assist the community in whatever way possible in handling the large number of people expected to flood into the area for the weekend of the solar eclipse. We have developed this website and are holding regular community meetings to assist neighbors and visitors for what the weekend will entail.

We are a real, non-profit organization who you may contact with any questions you may have about the solar eclipse taking place in the Smiths Ferry area. To e-mail us, simply complete the following form.

We are receiving a large number of inquiries, so please allow up to 72 hours for a response!
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